Digital Signatures for NEX-Forms 7.2

Digital Signatures add-on for NEX-Forms will enable you to digital signature fields to your forms. Signature will be captured and displayed in your emails and saved to your submitted form data be viewed in your backend.

List of Overall Features:

Form Analytics – Analytics that gives you stats of form views, form submissions and even form interactions, Complete with line, bar, pie, polar and radar charts. NEX-Forms also provides you with GeoLocation stats, Now you can see where your form submissions came from,

Cost Estimations / Math Logic – Use Math Logic to perform cost calculations based on user selections. Use any custom formulas on any number of fields,

Fully Responsive – NEX-Forms easily and efficiently scales to any device from phones to tablets to desktops.

Interactive Forms – Interact in real-time with your users by displaying the users input in the forms in a manner of conversation.

Conditional Logic – NEX-Forms includes advanced conditional logic to show and hide form elements based on your users input. Add unlimited rules with multiple conditions and multiple actions. For example, add a rule that has a condition for 3 conditions to be true before running any number of actions.

50+ Form Elements – Make use of 50+ Bootstrap styled fields with pixel perfect precision, From special fields to uploaders and your most common form fields.

Multi-Step Forms & Online Quizes – Break large forms into managable steps for your users to complete with ease. Combine multi-steps, math logic and conditional logic to create online questionnaires.

Popup Forms – Trigger Popup Forms on Exit Intent, Time on Page, Scroll Position or from Buttons or Links, So, when a user tries to leave the page and/or spends x amount of time on the page and/or the user scrolls to a specified position from the top of the page then the form will popup,

UPDATED : 2019-07-22


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