Easy Digital Downloads for Awesome Support 1.0.9

The Easy Digital Downloads add-on adds support for both EDD, the Software Licensing add-on and the Frontend Submission add-on. When using this add-on, your EDD clients will automatically be granted permissions to submit support tickets.

To make it easy for your clients to get help about one of their purchases, they can open a ticket directly from their purchase history.

Clicking “Get Help” will lead them to a pre-filled submission form where they just have to tell you about their problem, select a product and a license key from a dropdown list (if you use the Software Licensing addon).

Software Licensing

The Software Licensing integration adds two extra fields to the ticket submission form prompting for the order number and the product license. The product license is verified upon submission and a ticket can only be submitted with a valid and active license key.

On the admin side of things, the ticket details screen will give you useful insight on the ticket and the purchase. You’ll be able to see the purchase details right away.

Purchase Details

If your shop has a time-based refund policy, which is quite often the case, you can set the number of days after which the purchase can be refunded. A visual indication will then tell you if the purchase is still in the “refund period”.

Also, if your clients request help through the EDD purchase history page, the ticket submission form will be pre-filled with the order number and only the appropriate license keys will be displayed.

Frontend Submission

With the Frontend Submission integration, your vendors will be able to manage support tickets without the need of a separate agent user account.

Even better, you can decide, for each vendor, if incoming tickets related to a vendor product should be assigned to this vendor automatically.

UPDATED : 2020-01-05

VERSION : 1.0.9

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