GFChart GravityView Add-On 1.0

GFChart GravityView Add-On features

  • Sales pipeline health
  • Leads’ needs survey
  • Lead validation and quality assessment
  • Team activity and results tracking
  • Quote production schedule monitoring
  • Interview feedback survey comparison between locations
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Registrations tracking
  • Course feedback survey
  • Personality profiling
  • Demographics and cohort analysis
  • On-boarding overview
  • Faculty operational reporting
  • Teaser content download request trends
  • Understand membership views
  • Event booking status and demographic analysis
  • Fund raiser progress
    Branch activity monitoring
  • RSVP counting
  • Endangered wildlife database analytics
  • Grant applications analysis and tracking
  • Asset database analytics
  • Staff exit survey
  • Product sheet download trends
  • Production monitoring
  • Employment applications tracking
  • Hazard monitoring
  • Dealer network monitoring

UPDATED : 2019-12-16


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