Toolset Types 3.3.1

The WordPress plugins That Let You Build Extraordinary Sites Based on Custom Post Types and Custom Fields Without Writing PHP.

Toolset lets you develop truly custom sites, with only basic HTML skills and no PHP. You will add custom post typescustom fields and custom taxonomy to the admin and display them in unique ways on the front-end.

With Toolset, you can:

Toolset Types – Custom post types, taxonomies and fields

Types plugin sets up custom post types, custom taxonomies and custom fields. You can add fields to any content type and to users. With Types, you can also connect between different content types and work with relational databases.

Toolset Views – Front-end content display

Views displays content, on the site’s front-end, any way you choose. With Views, you can display lists of content, design templates for content and design archive pages.

You do all the design work, in Views, using simple HTML and by choosing fields from a menu.
Views lets you create powerful custom searches for any content type. Custom searches allow visit

UPDATED : 2019-07-17

VERSION : 3.3.1

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