WP ERP – Attendance 2.0.0

A complete attendance management system that allows employee check-in and check-out with useful reports.

Track work hours of your employees and balance them with their leaves with this feature WordPress Attendance extension.

Every company needs an attendance system. You can’t run an organization without it. Whether you are using paper ledger or some card punching system to log attendance, use our solution to import that directly into the ERP system.

You can choose between regular or default attendance management system or shift management system. This extension also comes with self attendance system. Using this feature, your employees can check in and check out directly from their HR profile.

The shift management system provides you an easy to use drag and drop system of assigning shifts to your employees. You can create as many shift as you want and specify time for each of the shifts.

With this WordPress Employee Attendance Management system you can:

  • Track attendance.
  • Manage time and staff attendance in a systematic way.
  • Specify your office hours, grace check in and grace check out time to count late entry and early entry.
  • Create attendance lists very easily.
  • Make all of your employees attendance status as present or absent using only one click.
  • Create multiple shifts for your employees.
  • Assign shifts to your employees using easy drag and drop system.
  • Employees can also check in from their personal dashboard.
  • Employees can check in and check out for their assigned shifts directly from their employee dashboard.
  • Import attendance data from other apps or hardware from CSV files.
  • Track your employees’ attendance from their HR profiles.
  • Generate reports of your day to day attendance of employees.
  • Get a complete staff attendance clocking and recording system.

UPDATED : 2020-01-13

VERSION : 2.0.0

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